Empowers individuals and teams to achieve their toughest goals.

In the same way that each person has a different fingerprint and a distinct combination of DNA, every individual is hardwired with a unique motivational type. Grounded in eight years of research with more than 10,000 people, GET MOTIVATED reveals how to decode your Motivational DNA for maximum achievement.

Whether you are an individual seeking to realize your personal goals or a leader looking to motivate your team, GET MOTIVATED will show you how to

For more than twenty years motivational expert, Tamara Lowe has produced the largest business seminars in the world, inspiring peak performance in millions. In GET MOTIVATED she unveils a new system that shows you:

How to Decode Your Motivational DNA
What to do When You Don't Want to Do Anything
How to Hire the Motivated and Motivate Those You've Hired
Easy Ways to Deal with Difficult People
The Formula for Beating Stress While Meeting Deadlines
How to Raise Positive, Self-Motivated Children
How to Kick Your Team's Performance- and Your Profits- Into High Gear

TAMARA LOWE is one of the world’s most successful speakers and consultants, having trained more than two million people in seventy countries. She is the co-founder and executive vice president of Get Motivated Seminars, Inc. Tamara’s work has been featured in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Time, People, on 60 Minutes and CNN.

"Motivated people take action. They turn dreaming into doing. In fact, motivation is at the very heart of achievement, change, and success. That is why I am so pleased to write this foreword for my good friend, Tamara Lowe. If there is anyone who is qualified to write about motivation, it's Tamara Lowe. As you master the strategies that Tamara Lowe presents in Get Motivated, your ability to motivate yourself and others will improve substantially.

I encourage you to read this ground-breaking book and implement the principles that Tamara Lowe teaches. You will not be disappointed; in fact, you'll be inspired, just as I was."

Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York City

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 John C. Maxwell, NY Times bestselling author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

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Dr. Earl Mindell, author of Vitamin Bible and Prescription Alternatives

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Brian Tracy, Personal and Professional Development Expert

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Heather Whitestone McCallum, Miss America

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Phil Town, MSNBC/CNBC financial analyst, author of NY Times #1 bestseller, Rule #1

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